I Want, I Need

I want,
I need,
I have to have your touch.
Touch me with your tongue
Your fingers, across my disintegrating skin.

I want,
I need,
I have to have your smile.
Immerse me in your smile
Dragging me to the depths of the abyss.

I want,
I need,
I have to have your love.
Scorch me with your love
Piercing my heart with each ravenous flame.

I want,
I need,
I have to have your breath.
Breathe your last breath
Into my waiting mouth

I want,
I need,
I have to have your soul.
Wrap me in your soul
Touch me, smile at me, love me, breath with me,
Blend our souls until we cease to exist.

Copyright 2013 Kate Spyder (23Aug2013 9:38pm)


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