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The Indigo List of How To Tell If You’re An Empath

I wrote in my blog only the other day about being an empath, I never expected to read another blog that would contain a list of how to tell you are an empath and find all but one fit me and really that one is only half a one, I don’t mind violence but I really can’t handle horror movies.

Brave Face Forward


Recently I have been guided to start writing a blog more focused on how to live and cope as an empathy Indigo. Honestly, I find it rather daunting and tiring to think about it. After thirty-nine years, I’m not even sure where to begin. So I started trying to research more on what an empath actually does, and mostly how to live with it. It’s not a survival skill that I have mastered at middle-age. So I shouldn’t be that surprised to find that there’s little help for empathy’s in books, audio, and on the internet. All of its generic “How to Tell if You’re an Empath in 7 Steps”. Ugh…. yeah, well…. I’m pretty sure what to look for:

1. Guilt laden… almost to the point of being convinced that you are Catholic. And if you are Catholic, you’re going to be harsher on yourself for the most mundane…

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